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Sunrise 12"x24"

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The Sunrise 12"x24" Painting on Canvas is a stunning piece of hanging decor that will enhance the beauty of any room in your home. The modern style of this painting makes it a perfect addition to contemporary interiors.

  • Eye-catching Design: The painting features a gorgeous combination of yellow, silver and blue hues that are sure to catch your eye.
  • Highly Textured: The acrylic paint used in this painting has been applied with great care and precision, resulting in a highly textured finish.

The Sunrise 12"x24" Painting on Canvas is an ideal choice for those who appreciate beautiful artwork. Whether you hang it above your sofa or place it in your entryway, this stunning piece is sure to be admired by all who see it. So add some style and sophistication to your home with this beautiful hanging decor today!