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Home Decor Color Trends of 2021

Did you know the Granny chic style is the “home decor” style of 2021? The new way of decorating is now sticky wallpaper. It appears that the more things change, the more they stay the same and Home Decor Color Trends of 2021 is no different. Due to the pandemic, more people are in their homes now and it’s important to check out which colors to have in the home to establish the perfect mood.

Brown Is Not Drab

The term brown is derived from an Old English term meaning “dark or dusky” color. It is also associated with poverty and low status. The color no longer has to be associated with negatives though.

The mood conveyed by brown is connection to earth, reliability and strength. These are excellent moods to incorporate in homes. Great pairings with brown tend to be warm shades of yellows, golds and reds. It provides a great accent for furnishings too.

Beige Is Not a Bad Idea

When one thinks of beige, it may literally pale in comparison to the more bold colors it stands with.

There is a reason for that.

Beige comes from the term meaning "wool that has not been dyed" or manipulated in some way. It is a pale, sandy color and conveys the mood of neutrality or relaxation. Try pairing it with greens and grays.

Get the Right Tan

Tan comes from the Germanic word “tannin” and more or less humorlessly, the term “tan your hide” is also a derivative of that.

Tan does not have to evoke feelings of hide being tanned though. It can be used to create the mood of warmth and security. Try pairing it with corals, light purple, whites and blues.

Aqua is a Fluid Choice

Aqua comes from the Latin word for water. It is such a soft, beautiful choice to decorate any home. If the mood in a home is in turmoil, aqua can set the mood because it conveys dreaminess and calm.

Aqua pairs well with yellow and bright oranges because it is a vibrant hue.

Mustard Is From Yellow

Mustard is more than a condiment and more than a seed. It literally is derived from its parent yellow, and thus inherits everything from yellow. However, in contrast with basic yellow, mustard yellow is muted and in some cases can even be viewed as bothersome.

As a result of its lineage, mustard yellow has some qualities that any home will desire. It conveys the mood of creativity and positivity. Mustard yellow is popular this season because it works well in any room and is especially great for accent walls. Over on Pinterest, home designers pair it with light grays, gold and stormy blue colors.

Revisiting the Blue Family

Blue blood.

Once in a blue moon.

Sad and blue.

The color blue is definitely in everyone’s everyday vocabulary, but where does blue actually come from and how should it be used in home decor?

Blue azurite was found in Egypt and mostly used for its vivid hue. Furthermore, blue has a history of communicating wisdom, law, military and royalty. “The overuse of blue” can convey stormy seas or someone who is cold and impersonal as well.

The great thing about blue is that it also gives the feeling of calm and harmony(similar to its aqua color family). Blue conveys protection(police uniforms). Research proves it can even lower heart rates.

Therefore to create a calm home, try adding some blue. Since it creates the illusion of a larger space in the home, you can try it in smaller spaces like a baby’s room or bathroom. Pair it with mint greens, moss green, rust, white, and good ol’ mustard yellow.

Just Peachy

Peach comes from the Middle English term, “peche”. It’s name comes from the tone of fruit, specifically peaches and any lighter fleshed fruit. It conveys the meaning of softness, joy, shelter and femininity.

Peach is not just sweet and feminine though. To shift the mood in any room to lightness and joy- add peach to colors like apricot, yellows, greens or bring out its robustness by adding blue.

Green Enigma

Green is an interesting color for home decor. For one, green is typically not considered a great color. Green pea soup or the color of someone sickly. Definitely not a color one would want in their home, right?

Yet even pesto green can be inviting.

Green is interesting. It can symbolize wealth or nature, or envy.

It is born from mixing blue and yellow and conveys the mood of renewal, growth and vitality. So to spruce up a home- try adding green. In a time such as now where most are homebound, a little bit of renewing is a pick me up, so pair green with colors like black, grays and browns or use its proportional cousins like pale taupe, almond, and hints of red.

Light Gray Is Not Gloomy

Cloudy days, storms, a raging sea.

Since gray is the color between two absolutes: black and white, it sits between complexities and unfortunately can be “overlooked”. This should not squash the need to include gray in home decor however. When combined with the right colors light gray will enliven the mood, convey wisdom(think of gray hair) and establish an air of professionalism and balance.

Midnight, white, sea foam goes well with gray. In fact, if a room is mostly light gray, add in seafoam accents or furnishings to give a striking look. The versatility of gray is definitely a plus in homes this year.

In short, this year the colors that may have seemed old or drab or reminiscent of something revolting, are making its way into homes. Hopefully this list for Home Decor Color Trends of 2021, will help in understanding the meaning and mood each color conveys.

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